What will a web site do for your company?

Attract new customers
Inform your customers
Enhance your image
Build customer interest
and loyalty
Reach a larger market
Gain share in your market
Improve customer service
Increase sales
Keep you better informed
Get more for your
marketing and sales dollar
Benefit from the most dynamic and cost
effective communication medium available!

How will it do that?

By making information about your business available on the web you make it easier for your current and potential customers to learn more about who you are as a company and about your products or services. This demonstrates your commitment to keeping them informed and doing in the most timely and cost effective manner, which is in both your interest and theirs.

What kind of information?

Contact information
Customer references
Product literature
Special promotions
Upcoming events
Company history
Press releases
Trade show schedule
Product documentation
Industry organizations
Company goals and policies
Major milestones and projects
Officer and employee profiles
Business partners and alliances
Community and charitable activites

How will people find my web site?

A web page can serve a role similar to a Yellow Pages ad, but on a potentially global scale. By promoting your site at web "index", "search engine", and other relevant regional, industry-related and/or high volume web sites you make it possible for new customers to find you. These other web sites enable your company's web site to be located by subject, location, keyword, and serendipity!

There's gold in your customer contacts, get the most of it!

By promoting your web site in your existing print, direct mail, catalog, and personal contacts you establish a highly effective direct communication link with your existing customers. Marketing, sales, and other promotional information can be more informative and more comprehensive than, and distributed in a more accessible, more timely, and more cost effective manner than any print medium.

But wait, here's more...

Create an interactive dialog with current and potential customers, with the convenience and impact of fax, voice mail, and direct mail through the use of web page forms and electronic mail.

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