What is on the World Wide Web?

Il Fornaio
A very stylish and attractive site for a restaurant that has great taste.
Access HP - Welcome to Hewlett-Packard
Grandfather of Silicon Valley. Home of the HP Way. This is the original garage start-up done good.
Financial Online
An excellent example of how corporate information will be distributed on the web.
Designed by one of the best in biz; David Siegel's web design company v e r s o.
c|net online - front door
You may hear snide remarks about how c|net using yesterday's format with tomorrow's technology, but I like it. This site is one of the most cutting edge users of web technology and delivers lots of information.
Welcome to Web Week Magazine -- Online
A lot of the information on the web is about the web.

Providing service and information to business is the other hot area in the web.
Here is a smattering of services that you might use.

Security APL Quote Server
One of the best stock quote services.
Welcome to FedEx
Package tracking and other useful stuff from FedEx.
UPS Home Page
Ditto for United Parcel Service/
United States Postal Service Home Page
Even the USPS delivers some good information from their web site, including useful stuff like ZIP+4 lookup and other data.
USPS ZIP+4 Code Lookup
AT&T Home Page
AT&T has plans for being big in the Internet.
Their web site also includes useful stuff like the AT&T Toll-Free Internet Directory.
TRW Business Credit Profile
Get a TRW business credit profile report in minutes. Charge it to your credit card of course!
FaxSav Family of Services
Use the web to deliver your fax.

Marketing directed at consumers is big business. The web will get its share.

Welcome to Pepsi World
The beverage companies have some of the coolest (and most expensive) sites.
Heineken homepage
More to drink from the Netherlands.
CybEr CafE
An important beverage in the web world, coffee!
Welcome and BeHOME!
Lots of folks surf from home. It is natural to sell them stuff to make it more comfortable.
While everyone may not have their catalog on the web yet, you can order one delivered.
Cirque du Soleil
When we say everyone will market themselves on the web, we mean everyone!
Disney.com Home Page
Hollywood has big designs on the web too.
Gamelan: Earthweb's Java Directory
If you've got Netscape Navigator 2.0 or later, this is the place to go to see what all this "Java" talk is about.
The Surface
TEN - The Entertainment Network. Still in beta, but a very promising web game playing site.

Real Estate information is just made for the web.

Here is a list of Real Estate related sites from Pointcom.
Pointcom has a lot of reviews indexed and searchable by topic.
Real Estate information of all kinds is available on the web. Here is a database of executive office suites.
The first big web sites devoted to racing taste a lot like print, but they do deliver up-to-date information attractively.
PPG Indy Car World Series
The IndyCar guys didn't spend as much money on their web site as the guys with the fenders.

Community and Market based Index Sites are very helpful and are a major area of web development.

Orange County and Southern California's guide to what's on the web: InfoPages
A local (Orange County) index of what's on the web.
Web Garage
A San Diego web site that specializes in the auto trade.
BuildingOnline: 714-496-6648 ~ Where the Building Industry is Found on the 'Net!
A good site devoted to the construction trade.
NetDiners Bay Area Restaurant Guide
Local subject based index sites will be very popular with consumers.

There are a great many resources on the web for finding what you are interested in.
Here are a few good starting points.

Welcome to Netscape
Netscape is a good base to start looking around the web from.
Point Communications Corp.
Pointcom reviews a lot of web sites.
Choosing a web index and a search engine is a matter of personal style. Netscape's directory of web index and search sites is a good place to find one you like.
Infoseek Guide
I like InfoSeek for their index and their search engine.
AltaVista: Main Page
Alta Vista has a good search engine. I usually have better results here than with the others.

This tour is far from the ideal I envision.
Better organization, some graphics, and more informative comments will be here someday.

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