What's Under Construction?

This site has been mostly unchanged since April '96 and doesn't really reflect what I've been doing the last year and a half very well so redesigning it is on my "to do" list. I'm primarily doing Java development as a consultant and for Adventure Online Gaming which includes Gameworld. I've just started publishing some of my work so there should be much more frequent updates here.


I am Netscape DevEdge Champion for Internet Foundation Classes (IFC). Some notes from my presentation on IFC.

JavaOne News!

I will be at JavaOne '98 all week. Check my news page for current information.

Animated logo for Cheri's Le Clear Design. I think that was my first applet.

A cute flocking simulation. Interactive!

A big project which has just gotten rolling is Mambo. Mambo will be a desktop/webtop for Java. I have some clever ideas that will make it a spiffy way to use Java componentware in addition to being an environment for interactive langauges (Kawa, Jacl, BeanShell, etc.). Now if I only had more time to work on it...

I found an extremely vexing bug in the Microsoft Java VM in which they throw a security violation exception from a routine (Thread.getThreadGroup) which should never throw such an exception. I hadn't intended to post this publically but since they haven't even acknowledged my bug report I guess I need to. I have recently run into quite a few other nasty bugs in Microsoft, Sun, and Symantec Java implementations which I might post here (at least Sun acknowledges bug reports, often from a real person!).

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