Web Technology

There is a whole alphabet soup of protocols and interfaces and hardware used in the Internet and the World Wide Web. We are experienced in quite a few of them. Not only do we use Macintosh and Windows computers, we have developed system level software for communications and internetworking (we even use Unix when necessary, as it often is in web development). If you have a challenging software problem, chances are we can help.

Tools for web development are still rather primitive, but they are the key to productivity. Not only do we use the latest stuff, we are developing our own tools to make web development faster, easier, more reliable, and much easier to maintain.

The current wave of cutting edge web application development is in web servers that can access corporate databases, provide live data in on-line transactions, and provide access to existing document libraries. We are prepared to quickly implement these "bleeding edge" applications now using the best tools available, Netscape LiveWire Pro and Oracle Oracle7 relational database servers.

Java will be the foundation for developing the platform independent applications that will be used throughout the web for content and tools. We currently use Symantec's Cafe Java IDDE because it is the most productive available. The tools we are building for HTML document processing are implemented in Java so that they will be available on every platform and across the web.

The keystone of effective software development is reliability. For 15 years, software that performs correctly and effeciently, no matter how complex the environment, has been my hallmark.


The tools we use in our shop

Here is a list of the stuff we use the most right now. If you need something that isn't on this list, ask us anyway.  If it is used in communications, real-time, portable, language processing, system, or embedded software development, chances are we've used it.


Netscape FastTrack Server 
  Their latest 2.0 servers supports 
  server-side Java and secure transactions.

Netscape LiveWire Pro 
  This server-side JavaScript extension 
  interfaces directly to SQL databases.
  *The* tool for rapid development of web 
  servers that access on-line data.

Oracle Oracle7 Workgroup Server 
  Industrial strength SQL relational 
  database. Direct path to scale up to 
  teracapacity on-line systems.

Symantec Cafe
  Fast Java development environment.
  We use it for browser and server-side 
  applet and application work.

Adobe Photoshop
  The gold standard for image production.

Adobe FreeHand
  The illustration tool like best.

Quark XPress
  Print isn't dead yet.  
  Quark gets the job done.

Microsoft Windows NT
  Necessary for server hosting and 

Microsoft Windows 95 
  The most common client environment.

Apple MacOS 
  The other common client environment 
  and the best for graphic design.


Apple PowerMac 7500/120 48M/1G

Apple Quada

Intel Pentium 133 32M/3G

AMD 486DX4/80 16M/1G

Linksys 10BaseT Ethernet hub

Ascend 25 ISDN Router

Apple LaserWrite NT

Epson Color Stylus II

XXXX 24bit color Scanner

Syquest 44M


US Robotics 28.8K Modems


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